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Our laboratory is found in the Messina town of Messinia, Greece. Our activities are the following:


Analyses of wine and must, follow-up of wine factories. Technical support in amateur and professional producers. Modern laboratorial our equipment and our experience, they ensure reliable results.


Analysis of ground of all parameters, with program of fertilization for each culture.

Analyses of olive oil, oil-stone.

Analyses of water of - adreysis and potable.

Analyses of foods

Marketing of types of vinification and bottling.

Study and installation of systems HACCP, ISO, AGRO.

Programs of education in the safety of foods.










Giorgos Karaggelis was born in Kalamata in 1966. It comes from Petalidi Messinia. He is graduate of chemical department the University Athens. It has been specialised in the enology in the University Athens. Initially it worked in company GENKA (alcoholic drinks and wines Cellar) and in vinicultural regions Nemea and Mantineias. In 1995 founded the laboratory of qualitative control wine, water, olive grove, foods and analyses of soil where it functions until today in the Messina.


He participates in the company of advisers of quality and safety foods SYMPOIAS that is specialised in the study and installation of systems HACCP, ISO, FIELD.      From 1997 up to today he He is professor in POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES Kalamata. It has taught the courses: Enology, organic chemistry, chemistry of agricultural products, biochemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Finally ten years were rapporteur in educational programs of training with various subjects: Sampling-enology, biological culture and ground, Adaptation the standardisation of packing and certification in news economy, Environment - management solid waste, Management of litter H.Y.T.A., Enologyof vinification, Vinicultural regions.


He is certified instructor of Single Institution Control of Foods on issues safety of foods and guarantee of quality - He has published line of teachers notes for the needs of T.Ε.I. : Oinognwsia-sampling, enology, organic, biochemistry, chemistry, agricultural products - He is producer of olive oil from the olive grove in the imjorejni' region Bali and wine from the vineyard in the region Petrolaka.
















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